Social Media Movement

Create Social Media Movement For Your Brand in 2016

You have great opportunity to Transform Your Brand in 2016 just  by creating a Social Media Movement for your brand. 

Decide your Goals for Social Media Movement :

Before you can craft a successful Social media movement by social media marketing strategy . You absolutely have to know what your end goal is ? By identifying exactly what your goals are, you can create a strategic approach that is directly or indirectly adding constant value. Secondarily, you must build a targeted social community that is interested in their product, lifestyle and shared interests. Once you know what you want to achieve, it’s time to think about whom you want to reach.

Identify target audience for Social Media Movement :

Unless you’re in the pageview business, what you should first and foremost care about is conversions. Conversions take place when targeted traffic meets relevant offer. It all starts with knowing who is your target audience and what they need or want. This is a crucial part of  the Digital Branding of the new brand process on social media. Knowing your target audience informs your content strategy and paid advertising strategy. To identify your audience, think about the demographic that would be most likely to use your product or service

Setup  & Engage  your brand for Social Media Movement :

its time to get busy setting up and optimizing your social profiles. A big portion of this step is knowing where your audience is and which social channels would provide the most value for your brand. Facebook , Twitter, GooglePlus,  Youtube (video channel)  are the four  most usual suspects,  however other social channels provide a lot of residual value even if they don’t have the same market saturation. Targeting the right audience isn’t only important for making new sales but also for building your brand online.

For instance, by monitoring when your fans interact with your social media posts, you can better plan a schedule of when to post content to get the most visibility and engagement. For instance, if you get more traction on Friday afternoons than Monday mornings, take advantage of that time to share engaging content or special offers and promotions for your fans and followers when they are more likely to see and share them.

Measure and Optimize your Social Media Movement :

Social media channels offer robust advertising options, so you will want to measure , test and optimize targeting parameters .In terms of what to measure, it’s best to measure social engagement, referral traffic and website activity to get a clear view as to how your strategy is performing. You can use Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics or other on-platform metrics to start.. Deciding on which metrics to focus on is important, as you will find that it’s easy to drown in the wealth of social data. You can implement this strategy and measuring your efforts monthly, quarterly and annually to determine .

With some of  the big ideas your brand can succeed – and even punch well above its weight. This approach will help you to move from building a brand to creating a movement on social media.

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