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Few Important Facebook Marketing Tips 2019

Do you know that approximately 242 million people in India are using Facebook and almost 70% out of it is active Facebook users ?Do you think Facebook Marketing is a potential tool for your business growth ?

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If your answer is yes, than you are at right place and reading really cool stuff about Facebook Marketing tips. We at SMNext – a leading social media marketing company based in Patna, Bihar provides deep insights about Facebook Marketing tips.

Facebook Marketing can be incredibly effective in helping to reach your audience, however if it’s not done correctly, your efforts won’t provide any real value for your company. Take the time to follow best practices while also staying on top of the latest innovations from the platform in order to produce the best ads possible.

Why Facebook marketing is important ?

Yes it is true a huge number of Indian populations are pro to Facebook usage and very much active on Facebook which makes Facebook an effective medium of marketing your product or services. One more benefit of Facebook marketing is that it can be made target market oriented easily.

How to market your product or services on Facebook ?

Facebook provides a very cool feature for business which known as Facebook Page. It is very important for one to create an awesome Facebook page for their local business. Once you create your business Facebook page now it’s time to market it.

One of the most important Facebook marketing tip is that does not use Facebook as a hard core selling platform. People use Facebook as a fun social media activity where they chat, like photos and videos, and participate in discussions. You need to join conversations gently and become the integral part of a community, rather than being a business ‘outsider’ who tries to sell aggressively.

you need to make sure that your Facebook business page falls under the right classification from the following six types:

  • Local business or place
  • Artist, band or public figure
  • Company, organization or institution
  • Entertainment
  • Brand or product
  • Cause or community

Choosing the right category is vital as specific features may or may not be available to you should you choose the wrong category. For example, selecting “local business or place” gives you an option to set a physical address while categories like “Brand or product” lacks that feature.

Activate CTA (Call to Action) Button on your Page

It is very important feature by Facebook on its business pages . It  include a simple CTA button on every business page to go your website or other options like — Shop Now, Sign Up, Contact Us, Use App, See Video and more.

CTA button  entirely depends upon how you set it up You can connect these buttons to your landing page, a contact form, a video that you would like to promote or an opt-in page. It all depends on what you are looking to accomplish with your Facebook business page.

Publish 2–3 posts per day for Better Engagement

In Facebook marketing, you do not have to create your content all the time. For overall good engagement rates you have to significantly post 2-3  post per day.Do not limit yourself to just one type of content and embrace the opportunity to experiment with different formats to see which combination your audience likes best.

 Videos are best option for engagement

Another great way to increase engagement in social media is through videos. Users watch over 100 million hours of video on Facebook on a daily basis, and that is only the beginning.

There are some essential things to bear in mind when you’re producing videos for Facebook:

  • 85% of Facebook users prefer watching videos on mute. This implies that captioning your videos will be vital to engagement.
  • 80% of users are irritated when videos auto-plays on their newsfeed, so make sure that you’re setting up your videos correctly when you post.
  • Take advantage of “Facebook Live” if you are not keen on producing your videos. The latter is a streaming service that lets you broadcast live videos straight from your smartphone. Many businesses have found that it is an excellent way to create leads and maximize engagement.

Despite the challenges of 2019, Facebook’s latest innovations offer many compelling reasons for brands to continue marketing on Facebook.

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