Political marketing and social media branding

Political Marketing and Social Media : A Digital hope for Bihar Assembly Election 2019

Political marketing and social media branding has grown leaps and bounds in India over the last few elections in whether state assembly elections or Loksabha parliamentary elections in 2014 and It may be also a winning tool for politicians of Bihar in coming Bihar’s assembly election in October-November 2015.

Political Marketing and Social Media

Political Marketing and Social Media In Patna bihar

At a time when social media platforms have become an inevitable hot-spot for all brands, why should the political parties lag behind? Further, in today’s context, Political marketing and social media marketing is gaining relevance as media spends for political parties increase during campaigns; strong brands emerge from the ranks of political leaders with each party building a larger than life image of its leaders.

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Unlike the conventional ways of sending messages, recorded calls and public gatherings, now many election saw politicians leveraging social media to reach out to their constituents like never before.

Social Media Marketing In Patna Bihar

Social media is a very easy and handy tool for political leaders for gaining popularity among people of their constituencies. But still in Bihar some  parties leaders  are not aware about digital media and hardly believe on political marketing and social media marketing for their political campaigns.

For some  old party workers and leaders too  (experienced as they put it describe the 50-60 age group) it is a big challenge to first convince about  benefits of joining a social media platform. These are the people  who in their political careers have always seen the power of connecting directly, face to face, with the people, it is a big challenge to understand and accept the influence of social media.

Political Marketing and Social Media

Political Marketing by Smnext Patna Bihar

The primary aim of Political marketing and social media marketing or ‘Digital Branding‘ is to build preference and shape the public acumen. Marketing in politics is not the classic warfare we’ve seen through the years.

It deals with advertising in various fields including social media and endorsements.Its been heard that around 500 crore has been spent only on Digital Marketing in 2014 loksabha elections – Imagine the power of now Digital Media & we can see the impact today that what results it helped to drive. Isn’t it ?

Its not about winning or loosing, even various NGO have used Digital platform for Political marketing and social media to drive the awareness campaign for voting, and when we say Digital Platform – it includes everything digital – Be it Online Portfolio Website Design, Social Media, Search Engines, Blogging, News sites, Mobile advertisement event. Everything Digital you can imagine & think of – yes it includes Whatsup as well 🙂

Some politicians have nailed the art of social media engagement by adopting political marketing and social media marketing and management with an amazing mix of personal feelings, nationalist pride and smart positioning.BJP however understood its voting population and how to engage them in conversation .PM Shree  Narendra Modi, for one,  has mastered the art of using social media.

The first time voter is young, idealistic and seeks a concrete motivation before he casts his vote. Speaking of which, there is not a single political party in the country left behind when it comes to launching of the best marketing strategies. We take a look at a few of them.

BJP’s Political Marketing and Social Media Branding : A Massive coverage on Digital Media

Statue of Unity:

When BJP’s PM candidate, Narendra Modi announced the erection of world’s tallest statue in India, the whole nation beamed and looked forward to the completion of the project. They say, he brought the whole nation together.

Making a statue of Shri Sardar Vallabhai Patel, whom the nation considers as the man of unity was the greatest vote alluring initiative taken by the Bharatiya Janta Party. The announcement that the Statue of Unity would be made of iron material from every house in Gujarat, is synonymous to asking voters to vote for the party who connects with their sentiments. Tribute, Tourism and Vote go hand-in-hand.

Chai Pe Charcha:

What do you learn from Modi, you ask? To make a flower petal out of a thorn. When a member of opposition commented on Modi’s early life profession as a tea vendor, attempting to make it a reason for the janta to not vote for a chai walla, he took it positively, only to launch a Chai pe Charcha interaction.

The interaction did not only include people present on the sets of the news channel, but from all across India over a video conference, that dealt with the current striking issues of the country and this was the part of successful political marketing and social media marketing strategies.

NaMo Oratory:

When it comes to motivating the voters, to stand with he who will change the impact of inflation, women safety, poverty, job losses, and clean and good governance, I can’t really think of a better name than Narendra Modi. The oratory he has been delivering is the cornerstone of political marketing. Don’t you agree?

It has always been said that politics is a dirty game. But it is the public who has to suffer, time and again. The parties aren’t very different from each other.

It’s just that the voters are expected to choose and vote for the one with lesser dirt on its side.In the end, good political marketing and social media marketing or Digital marketing is like good B2B marketing, is a game of strong fundamentals.

Know your audience. Have a rock-solid list and refine it as you go. Have a clear message that can morph and remain relevant in different situations. Tell the story as you want it told. and communicate often.

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