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Today Many of the people using Social media platform for sharing the ideas, thought , opinion and many more . Social Media Play very vital role today in the world . We can say that today people can’t live without social media platform because many people engage in their own life they have no much time to meet them and interact them so, through the social Media platform they can manage all things and activities also .

Social Media not only connect the people  but also they helps to grow your  business

Now, in the Digital World Social Media not only connect the people of other region but also they helps to grow your own business in regional level .Because we Know that internet is connected to all over the world so today  it is easy to grow your business in own way through social media Platform . If  you’ve decided to invest in social media marketing, your next key challenge is to decide which platforms is better for you and then you will be focused on.

We all know about that Today Digital platform is best for your business purposes and they will help accomplish your goals and achieve  your target audience.  Someone is think about it , it is costly in nature but it’s not true .

If you want to build a social media strategy, Then you need to decide what is your motive and objective which is based on your business . what your primary business objective is on social media (i.e., drive traffic to your website, increase followers, build brand awareness). If you understand your business purposes and objectives, then you can consider the some following method which helps you to decide which platform is better for you like facebook , instagram , twitter, linkedin, pinterest etc .

  1. you understand the motives or purposes of each and every social media platform .

If you start to open your account on every social media platform , it is important  to understand what each platform does. If you want to target audience is millions  target audience is millennials they yo should go to use Instagram and Snapchat  because may seem like the right decision. If you want to know about the behaviour of audience and their taste in preference then you  should go to facebook platform .  It will helps you to grow your small and local business. It will  Give the power to build community and bring the world closer together .

  1. Decide to the Business goals

Second Method is that if you start yor business through the social Media Platform then you decide the pre- determine goal . It is  important to understand where your audience is and choose accordingly.

For example : If your Business related in fashion industry then you should use the best social media platform like  Pinterest and Instagram this is  the most preferred platform. A/c to the new survet “93% of active pinners on pinterest and they use Pinterest for plan for purchases purpose where 81% of Pinterest users are females. 95 percent of all Instagram users in the U.S. also use Facebook, followed by Pinterest (54 percent), and Twitter (49 percent).

 3. perceive Your competitor’s ?

 In this Method first of all we decide the industry’s competitive landscape. Who are  following them? Whom are they supporting?

When you searching for a Digital media expert, you need to make sure that they give competitive analysis to answer all of those quaries.

The report will help to identify  where your competitors are and which platform would be best for your business based on industry.  Understanding your competitive landscape will assist you in building a strategy for targeting influencers, brand ambassadors, and audience to purchase your product and remember your brand on social.

4.Fixture  is key to being memorable.

The fourth and most important method says that if You received your competitive analysis report, checked the numbers and A/c to them You should picked the social media platforms that are best for your business.


5.Don’t use the Method of cross-posting.

The word cross-posting is refers to put the same content in all social media platform .Which looks like unnecessary and feeble. We all know about content is most important part of any business without him you will not become a good marketer so content is more important and they should be  attractive in nature . Make sure that your social media expert walks you through platforms, scheduling frequency, and content strategy that will be best for meeting your business objectives.

Always remember that Your customers and followers are coming to you for find out  relevant and unique content.


According to the above analysis social medial play a very important role for grow your own business without them you can’t handle your business because today we exist in digital world. so, it is very necessary to understand the digital platform strategy because they will be update time to time . so , above all the methods helps to perceive digital platform strategy in better way .



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