The Social Networking Flourish ! History

Approx 50 years before people Don’t know about social Media word

some years ago  anyone don’t  know about the word social Media . Approx 50 years before people Don’t know about social Media word no anyone aware about it . But now, everyone knows about it. Today it  has become a common knowledge in the society especially for youngsters. Today it become a  new entertainment source of life where people can share and exchange their thought, personal information, photo and interest. This media is growing bigger every day with more and more people use it.

Now, it has become an integral part of our life. According to new survey 70 percent of Americans, and more than 2.6 billion people globally, use social media.. Back in some years before just 2005, social media penetration in the U.S. was just 5 percent, and most of the rest of the world didn’t even know what it was. All of this means that the history of social media is a brief yet tumultuous one.

Social Media Definition

Here we can Discuss about what is mean of  social media.  communication which is used by the people they create network,   communities, and collectives to share information, ideas, messages, and other content, such as videos. google  depends on user-generated content. This is why typical websites and blogs do not get included in the world of social media. Only certain people can post to these sites, and there are significant restrictions on the types of content that get uploaded.

Brief History of Social Media

since the end of the 19th century. The telegraph was used in first time which he sent  in 1844 between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. According to the definition type of communication does not verify as social media. First, it did not take place “online,” and second, telegrams do not contribute to any larger community or collective. they are used to send individual messages between two people. So, while it’s interesting to think of social media as being part of a much larger continuum, the real history of social media starts in the 1970s with the emergence of the internet.

In 1978, first social media platform was Evaluated

In 1978, first social media platform  was created. Bulletin Board System for the purpose of announce meeting and sharing information by posting it on BBS.

In 1995  After internet (WWW) launched and loved by many more people. it  allowed internet users to create simple websites for gathering information.

on the starting phase social media service that appeared in 1997 was SixDegrees. SixDegrees let its users to create profile individually and list of friends.

In 1999 the Blogger and Livejourna platform was  mostly used by the people l. Users could write, share and communicate with friends by using their own blog or journal and share information and news.

 In 2002, the  Friendster emerged to compete with Six Degrees

A few years later, in 2002, the site Friendster emerged to compete with Six Degrees. where Six Degrees allowed users to make contacts and save them as part of a personal network.

A few months after its launch, Friendster had over 3 million users, and this number continued to grow, eventually reaching over one hundred million.

In 2011, Friendster was rebranded as a social gaming site that was focused mainly on the gaming community. This helped it stay relevant competitors such as Google,!, and Facebook, but in the end, Friendster was doomed to fail. In 2015, it suspended all of its services, and on Jan. 1, 2019, it ceased all operations and officially closed its doors.

MySpace, LinkedIn and WordPress launched in the same year which was  2003. Most of MySpace platform users were musician and band. WordPress was created for the purpose of  open-source content management system. And LinkedIn was social networking for business-oriented.

In begning of  2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched ‘The Facebook’

In begning of  2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched ‘The Facebook’. It was created for the purpose of  social networking for college students.

In next year (2005)  YouTube was launched . It was founded by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley. They were employees of PayPal. It was a social sharing platform which is used for the purpose of video and audio sharing.

other Name of Twitter was microblogging site

In 2006 Twitter was launched. It was known as microblogging site. It used by the user to share and exchange 140 character messages. This short message was called as Tweets.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded the photo-sharing app in a co-working space in 2010. It became a runaway success, attracting tens of millions of users before the co-founders sold itto Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion.

After some year gap In 2011, Google launched new product of social networking named Google plus (Google+). Google plus let you have a video chat (hangout) and exchange information and ideas . In 2019 they will be closed. In 2012, Pinterest is add on the social media platform where you could creat their albums and photos also . Other name of pinterest was Scrapbooking’s . The first social scrapbooking that gained 10 million users faster in history launched.

Social Media Today

Today, social media is an integral part of the lives of people around the world. According to new 2.62 billion social media users around the all over world, and this number is expected to grow to over 3 billion in 2021.

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